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Inspiration is all around us, especially in the world of stand up paddling. Whether someone is crossing all of the Hawaiian Island chains or simply beginning a new chapter in their life and stand up paddling inspired them in some way, it’s all pretty cool.

I receive many emails and photos from people around the world, who want to share their personal stories and triumphs. I welcome them all for here is a great place to share what we all love, and that is stand up paddling. Please send me yours to share via my website.

There’s something about this sport that brings people together and connects us in many ways. The one thing I hear the most about is how people who discovered stand up paddling did so to do it just for fun, then realized how much weight they started to lose and how toned they’ve become, and now they are the full on weekend warrior racer.

My story stems from an injury. Stand up paddling brought me back, literally to my feet after an unusual accident in 2009 that left me in a wheelchair with a broken left leg and two broken ankles. My spirits were low and I was still training my wonderful clients who were patient enough to move the equipment around while I pointed and talked. Thank you everyone.

Another thing I hear time and time again is how helpful and friendly everyone is no matter where you may stand up paddle. The camaraderie and friendships that have begun through SUP continue to reach far and beyond what anyone ever dreamed. It’s a very encouraging and welcoming sport.

To get inspired and read more about some of these stories click here.

Suzie Cooney

Creating New Ocean Ambassadors on Maui with Suzie Cooney and The Westin Maui Resort and Spa

Creating New Ocean Ambassadors on Maui with Suzie Cooney and The Westin Maui Resort and Spa

“If you want to be as strong as the ocean demands.. it starts in the mind and on land first.” ..”.We talked about the importance of being an ocean and reef, and Maui ambassador and the important responsibility that goes with it, along with the many different ways one can lead by example. As a rule I always spend 15 minutes before or after I play or work on the ocean, picking up trash and plastic. I stressed it is simply a way of life now that we must all do our part.”

I've been changing people’s lives since 2001. Look forward to working with you too!

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