Virtual SKYPE Fitness Training with Suzie Cooney

Virtual SKYPE Fitness Training with Suzie Cooney is a blast and effective. Virtual fitness training and personal training is now mainstream and you too can train with Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui.

No sand, salt water in your home but you can be sure I’ll bring you lots of sweat and Aloha. You don’t have to live on Maui to train with me. With the power of SKYPE and high speed internet, you can keep in shape with me across the ocean no matter where you live.

Suzie Cooney SKYPE Personal Training

“I was so fortunate to paddle Maliko 3 days in a row and glad you pushed me on the last day as that was the best. You gave me a lot of good pointers and I listened carefully and continue working on them diligently. I will keep improving and come back stronger next time.”

Meet Peter Davies, my client from Maryland who travels to Maui as often as possible to downwind stand up paddle on Maliko and then trains in the studio with me. When he’s not here, we keep his strength and skills sharp until the next time. He paddles in extremely cold weather in the winter and can’t wait to get back to warmer water.

It’s really fun and it works. With a small list of home training equipment I’ve provided him in advance, we’re able to work on everything he needs in one hour.  We train once a month and sometimes more.

As a trainer it really helps me stay in touch with my clients all throughout the year and learn where I can best help. Seasons change but that doesn’t mean your fitness has to stop.

You don’t have to come to Maui to enjoy virtual SKYPE Fitness Training with Suzie Cooney.

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Aloha and in good health,

Suzie Cooney Maui Personal Trainer

Suzie Cooney
Owner of Suzie Trains Maui


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