Uneven Push Ups

This is a very advanced exercise that targets the triceps, shoulders and chest!

“Don’t let your body burn out before the next set! “pushing up” to your feet requires chest and tricep strength. “

Difficulty Level: Advanced Strength

Muscle Group(s): Triceps, shoulder and chest. Great for core stability

Equipment: BOSU, or inflated disc

Progression: Raise one leg off the floor, have friend sit on back, or place feet on another BOSU

Preparation: Place one hand on the BOSU, one hand in push up position on floor.
Legs extended on floor, feet together.



From the start position, lower chest to ground, keep head down and in a nuetral position, and push up back to start position.PushUp2

Push up with the strength of your entire shoulder girdle back to a straight-arm position.
Repeat movement sequence for recommended repetitions, switch.

NOTE: wider hand postion = more chest action, a narrower position = more tricep involvment   
You’ll really feel this, so take it slow at first.  Good luck! Tom Callan, surfer and SUP enthusiast makes it look easy!

 Any questions, feel free to contact me: Suzie Cooney, CPT


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