ATHLETA Article: Stand Up and Sweep Your Way to Better Health by Suzie Cooney

ATHLETA Article: Stand Up and Sweep Your Way to Better Health by Suzie Cooney

As most of you know, SUP or stand up paddling is a big part of my life and I enjoy teaching others and sharing the health benefits of this sport.  Here is an article I wrote for ATHELTA to share my knowledge and enthusiam for how I see the sport shaping the world but more importantly, how it’s getting more people healthy.   I encourage you to read and share how SUP has benefitted your health!  Click here to read the full story: Well, by the overwhelming response and stories I read as one of the judges for  the most recent ATHLETA and SIREN SUP contest, one can say that any age, any person  can “sweep” their way to better health, just about anywhere there is water. People all across the world are “sweeping” their way to better health and having more fun than they ever imagined. “Sweeping” is a slang term used to describe the sport that is going viral faster than any social networking media and changing the world of sports on any body of water — and just about anyone can hop aboard. Stand up paddling, paddle surfing, or SUP is helping people of all ages and  sizes catch the surfer’s glide, and helping people in all walks of life get fit and healthy, faster and safer. People are simply getting addicted. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the rise in popularity — not just for those, like me, who are fortunate enough to live in Hawaii or California, but anywhere there’s an ocean, lake, bay, or even river rapids, you can find this world...

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