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OPT Training Method

OPT Training Method™ and Integrated Training

The Optimum Performance Training™ model is based on the scientific rationale of human movement science.  It is upon this premise that the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) presents the rationale for Integrated Training and the The Optimum Performance Training™ (OPT™) model.

The Optimum Performance Training™ (OPT™) model is a process of programming that systematically progresses any client to any goal.

• The Optimum Performance Training™ model is built upon a foundation of Stabilization training principles.

• With the acquisition of proper levels of stabilization, a client can then progress into the Strength Stage of training.

• Depending on the goal of the client and their ability level, the client may progress into the Power Stage of training.

Stabilization Stage-The main focus is to increase stabilization strength and develop optimal neuromuscular efficiency. If the client enters the fitness environment with active pain, following a surgery or is under the care of a medical practitioner, they may start in the Corrective Exercise Training. (Phase 1)  Through (Phase 2) of this stage, Integrated Stabilization Training,  the client is provided the  needed stimuli to acquire stabilization and neuromuscular efficiency through the use of proprioceptively enriched exercises and progressions.  This is where most clients typically begin.  Stabilization training also provides superior stimuli for altering body composition!

Strength Stage-In this stage of training, higher levels of balance and core stabilization are necessary. The emphasis in the Strength Stage is on dynamic joint stabilization, stabilization endurance, and improving optimum levels of motor unit recruitment and proper muscle activation. Other components of this stage are Muscular Development Training (MDT) and Maximal Strength Training (MST).


Chris McCutcheon Former Ski Pro

Power Stage

This stage of training emphasizes the development of speed and power.  As one reaches this level of the OPT™, it is required to enhance the speed spectrum that the body is allowed to operate within.  This stage also uses very high levels of balance, core stabilization and maximal acceleration of muscle motor unit recruitment

 Each person I train is unique in their ability. Your program will be developed based on a thorough, professional assessment that I perform for each and every client, so that I may design and create a custom fitness program, that is appropriate with your goals and needs in mind.  I will progress you safely and with each session you will have success and break throughs.

Chris McCutcheon, pictured here, is an incredible athlete. He came to me with multiple knee, shoulder, hip and knee injuries.  I worked with his physical therapy team in San Fransisco, under the special guidance of orthopedic surgeon, Kevin R. Stone, MD. of the Stone Clinic.  Together, we formulated a plan for Chris to help him get back the strength, range of motion and peformance he needed on the water and on the slopes. 

If you interested in increasing your performance or reentering fitness, coming off an injury or simply want to feel better, I can help  you too.

Call me today for a complimentary visit and learn how I can help you be healthy, fit and strong.  808-283-2121   Or, you may email me questions  here:

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Suzie Trains Maui