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Join Me West Marine Sausalito “Everything You Wanted to Know About Stand Up Paddling”

I’m a native of Northern California, now living in Maui 17 years, and can’t wait to visit the Bay Area and share the stoke of stand up paddling. It’s really amazing how it’s growing so fast there with all of the great water ways and easy access. There’s something for everyone even if you’re just beginning in the sport.

Advanced Maliko Downwind Skills Course with Suzie Cooney and Jeremy Riggs

I love teaching courses with Jeremy Riggs. Together we provide an incredible venue for those eager to increase their downwind paddling skills from technique, strength training and water safety. Connecting people to Maliko is what we do, making them great paddlers is what we enjoy.

2016 OluKai Video of Downwind SUP Training Tips with Suzie Cooney

2016 OluKai Video of Downwind SUP Training Tips with Suzie Cooney 2016 OluKai Video of Downwind SUP Training Tips with Suzie Cooney Every year I have the pleasure of presenting some downwind SUP training tips,  with the fine crew from OluKai at the 8th Annual...

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