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SUP Pro Talk with Suzie Cooney

Improve Balance & Reaction Time: Indo Board Training Gear & Suzie on the New “Gigante” 24″ Disc

Maui Wave Action!

Waves are a force of nature like no other. Susan does a superb job to illustrate this and more. A great read!


Surf Stronger Order This!

Good Turn Out for Book Signing Maui June 25th Surf Survival:The Surfer’s Health Handbook

Lahaina, MAUI
June 25th, Saturyday 2-4pm Barnes & Nobles

L to R Maui surfer Joel Edwards, Suzie Cooney book fitness model, Clay Everline, MD., Simone Reddingius book photographer


Up and coming surf pros get Clay's autograph!

Clay Everline, MD., wife Kristina were on Maui and greeted with lots of Aloha from fans with smiles and lots of questions! Even a few of the young up and coming surf groms came to shake Clay’s hand and get their autographed copy! They were super stoked.  

 Clay lives on the N. Shore of Oahu and is often seen on the beach ( if not surfing ) who is ready for anything at all the big contests! He’s been my head doctor at my events and as a surfer he knows that sometimes even on the smallest of days, big things can happen. 

Introducing Clay Everline’s et al, Surf Health Handbook! I know Clay personally and think this is the most helpful, comprehensive book all surfers and water sports enthusiasts should have in their car or on their book shelf. As their fitness model for the book,  he is spot on with the warm ups, exercises to help prevent injury and shares what to do if the worst goes down. Get it now!  Excellent work Clay!  Suzie

“Surf Survival”

The surfer’s health handbook

Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. NY, NY


Written by 3 hardcore surf docs, this book gives surfers the complete lowdown on surfing related medical problems; how to diagnose them, how to treat them, and how to prevent them.  With chapters devoted to first aid, fitness, dangerous marine animals, big wave surfing, overuse injuries, surf travel medicine and more, Surf Survival is a book no surfer should be without.  Surprisingly entertaining, and very comprehensive, over 300 pages of text and 200 illustrations and photographs describe in practical terms how to deal with the myriad of injuries and ailments that can afflict surfers.  From shoulder dislocations to surfer’s ear, fin cuts to first aid kits, this book is written for surfers who know that self-sufficiency is the name of the game. Don’t leave home without it.


“This thorough, authoritative and oddly enjoyable book tells you not only how to treat surfing’s myriad ailments, but also how to prevent them. For that reason alone, it might be the most important piece of surf literature you ever buy. All that,plus lots of photos of gnarly injuries.”

- Steve Hawk, former editor of Surfer magazine

“Nobody has thought more, studied more, or cared more about the lifelong health and survival of surfers than Mark Renneker. Surf Survival brings together all that priceless knowledge, along with invaluable contributions from Nathanson and Everline, to make a must-have volume for every surfer everywhere. From surf-specific wilderness first aid–critical on any serious surf trip, anywhere on earth–to big-wave safety and even the very real scourge of surfer’s ear, it’s all here. Don’t even think about it: if surfing plays any role in your life, you need this book.”

-Daniel Duane, author of Caught Inside, A Surfer’s Year on the California Coast

“I’ve read over 100 surfing-related books, but Surf Survival is the first one that I’ll carry with me on every surf trip. ”

-Drew Sievers, The Waterman’s Library

“Good medicine, and a fun read in the bargain. Read this book and surf until
you’re 100.”

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Surf Indo Board Disc Advanced Push Ups on Maui’s N. Shore with Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui

Hi, I recently posted the intermediate version of this, but wanted to take you outside to show you the advanced version! These push ups will promote better surfing endurance and shoulder, chest and tricep strength for quick action. Often times, if you are out of surf  shape, your arms burn out fast.  It’s a real bummer when the surf is pump’n and your not! Even if you don’t surf, give these a try and you really be challenged. These are probably my most favorite exercises. Have fun! Suzie

 Advanced1Advanced2Intermediate1 Intermediate2


Difficulty Level: Advanced

Muscle Group(s): Triceps, shoulder and chest, core. Challenges the upper body and core while increasing strength and endurance, and mimics board movement on the water.

Equipment: Indo Board, Inflatable disk, BOSU

 Progression: Raise one leg off the ground, or place feet on a BOSU dome or another inflated disc.

Preparation: Assume the push up position. If you are a beginner, you can bend your knees. Make sure the disc is centered underneath the Indo Board. NOTE: If the disc is over inflated it will be much harder, than if it’s softer. Also, by bringing your hands closer together, you will target the triceps and chest more. Wider positon, more shoulder girdle involvement.

Extend legs behind you, either on ground, another disc or as pictured, the BOSU.

Movement: From the start position, lower your chest to the Indo Board and then press up into the push up. Make sure your neck is neutral and bum lowered. Push up with the strength of your entire shoulder girdle back to a straight-arm position. You may also hold and make this a core plank exercise. Hold in this position 15-30 seconds.

If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you!   Baithing suit, Posh Pua.

Aloha, Suzie

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