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SUP Pro Talk with Suzie Cooney

Improve Balance & Reaction Time: Indo Board Training Gear & Suzie on the New “Gigante” 24″ Disc

Maui Wave Action!

Waves are a force of nature like no other. Susan does a superb job to illustrate this and more. A great read!


Surf Stronger Order This!

Radio Segment: Top Pick Gifts of Health and Fitness

Aloha everyone!  Here is my list of some of my “favorite things” that are sure to excite and motivate the fitness fanatics or those who are re-entering fitness, or simply want to change up their routine. Tune in here and listen to my radio segment from my weekly health and fitness radio segment on the Maui Breakfast Club, December 10, 2012 and find the perfect healthy gift.

Click Here to Hear Suzie Live

The training equipment I suggest here is appropriate for all ages and all levels of fitness. I like to keep things simple and functional as not to overwhelm people but to allow them to get the results they desire in a very easy and efficient way so they don’t get bored nor does there body. Click here to listen now.

My Favorite Health & Fitness Gifts:

Gift Certificate for a Personal Trainer: Having someone in your corner is so helpful. Whether your trying to shed 5 or few more pounds, prepare for an event or race, or simply want to have a personal program designed to keep you on track and mix it up, a well qualified personal trainer can help. Check for certification such as NASM, make sure they are insured and have a good reputation in the community.

Indo Board Balance Trainer:  FREE SHIPPING UNTIL DEC 17th Order here  Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of this equipment. It not only helps the surfers and standup paddlers in your life, but if your’e just coming off a knee, ankle or hip injury this functional training equipment can do wonders and help strengthen the weakest core muscles, improve your balance and leg, hip and knee strength.

The Sc Continue reading Radio Segment: Top Pick Gifts of Health and Fitness

Ocean Sports Endurance, Pink Slime, SUP, Motivating Others :Suzie Cooney Health & Fitness Radio Topics for April 2012 Maui Breakfast Club

Aloha, just a reminder that you can find me on the air every Tuesday on KNUI 900 AM @ 7:30 for my weekly Health & Fitness segment on Maui’s number one talk radio show, The Maui Breakfast Club. We are in our third year with Tom Blackburn Rodiguez and Kellie Pali.

Tune in live on the web here:

Topics for Apri 2012  Tuesdays KNUI 900 AM @ 7:30  ( These shows will be recorded an available after air date so be sure to check back if you miss them ) Here are samples of past shows. Click here

4/3/2012:  – All about my Women’s Luxury Stand Up Paddle Fitness Experience at Lumeria Maui      PRESS RELEASE


Click here, for more information.

4/10/2012: Open Ocean Physical Stamina – Specifically how to be safe on Maui’s epic N. shore or on any big body of open ocean. We’ll talk about how to be well prepared both physically and mentally. This will be extra helpful for new downwind paddlers, one man canoe paddlers and prone paddlers. I’ll share some tips on fitness training and water safety. Maliko safety.  Read more here

4/17/2012: Pink SlimeWhat is it, how to avoid it and what is going on with this awful low quality “meat” filler that is making us fat, sick and …grossed out.  That’s another show!  Check out what Wikipedia says about pink slime..

4/24/2012: How You Can Be a Healthy Inspiration & Coach to Friends, Family and Coworkers - Living a healthy lifestyle comes easy to some of us, but not everyone is naturally motivated or knows how to get started. Learn how to be an example of health and fitness to everyone you know. Tips on how to “share” and not preach so your influence is long and life lasting.

Here is the link to other past shows:

We appreciate you tuning in!

Warm aloha and see you on the water,

Suzie Cooney, CPT owner of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC

Childhood Obesity Things to Know and How to Help Radio Segment with Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui

October 11th, 2011  Maui, HI.

Childhood obesity is out of control. Who is at fault?  How can you help as a parent, as a physician as a community? Since when do we have to worry about children at the age of 8 to have high blood pressure, heart disease and other such morbid diseases? Should McDonald’s be applauded for adding apples to their popular “Happy Meals”. Should we be “happy” about this?

Listen in on Suzie Cooney’s weekly health  & fitness segment on the Maui Breakfast Club, with hosts Tom Blackburn Rodriguez and Kellie Pali-Cruz each Tuesday on KNUI 900 AM @ 7:39am. Today’s topic: Childhood Obesity: Things to Know and How to Help Radio Segment.

To Listen click here:


We need to lead by example and share with kids and teens of all ages to get up off the couch, turn off the cell phones and get healthy.  Schools need to find better solutions for cafeteria food and cut the sugar and sodium out completely.  Parents, are you the best role model you can be?  What do you think the or a solution could be.

AP Huffington Post

I think that Mrs. President, Michelle Obama is doing what she can, but is holding the biggest jumping jack contest on the Whitehouse lawn enough to get an entire country off their duffs?  I’m pleased but we all know it starts from the top. Educating the kids and parents on how to eat well with less should be their main focus. Regulate what is actually available to purchase on food assistance programs is another way to be sure kids just aren’t drinking Koolaid and eating crap.

Here are some links that may help:

Preventing Obesity in Children, Causes & Diseases 

Under Pressure, McDonald’s Adds Apples to Kids Meals

Should Doctors Avoid Calling Children Fat?


Thank you for stopping by Suzie Trains Maui. The topics and opinions here are an expression of those who care. We encourage your input and feedback to better serve our readers and community.

What are your thoughts and feelings on this subject? We’d like to hear from you. You can help others by sharing and caring here.

In good health and warm aloha,

Suzie Cooney, CPT   owner of Suzie Trains Maui

The Importance of Balance Training: Radio Segment with Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui

September 27, 2011:

Suzie Cooney Balance Training on Indo Board Gigante Disc

Balance training is a key component and is included in all of my training sessions with my clients, as a means to better improve their daily lives, surfing performance, SUP performance, or after recovering from an injury. I’ve written many articles on the topic and thought you might enjoy my quick radio segment from the Maui Breakfast Club, hosted by Tom Blackburn Rodriguez and Kellie Pali-Cruz, every Tuesday on KNUI  900 AM at around 7:38 in the morning:

  To listen click here.

Below are just a few of the articles that I’ve written regarding balance training. I’m also a team rider for Indo Board Company which supplies me with all of my balance training equipment. They are an innovative company that understands the importance  of functional training and offer a variety of various platforms for all levels.

Balance Training Gear for All of My Client’s Needs


UP your SUP Performance by Combining Upper Body Paddle Endurance with Balance and Core Training for Naish International


Balance Training Makes a Key Difference for Two Maui Windsurfers


Strength and Balance Training for Your Legs


Suzie Cooney, CPT is a certified personal trainer on Maui since 2001. Her former background in sports orthopedics has exposed her to unique and challenging cases where her participation resulted in many positive outcomes.  As an athlete, lifestyle coach, and professional SUP paddler, she too has recognized the importance of balance training when coming off of injuries or for increasing sports performance, but especially qualified to help those who are seeking to regain and rebuild muscle strength and coordination.

We encourage you to comment or share your experience and success with balance training and  how it’s helped you in your fitness.

For more up to the minute Suzie Trains Maui updates, go to our Suzie Trains Maui Facebook Page and Like:

Thank you for taking the time to read and learn with us. In good health,

Suzie Trains Maui Team





Mental Wellness: Why We Need to Have “Hope” for Our Body’s Health and Our Mind’s Health Radio Segment with Suzie Cooney

   August 16, 2011Taken from the Maui Breakfast Club: Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui, Health & Fitness Segment every Tuesday morning at 7:38 am on KNUI 900 AM. Listen Here:

                 Mental Wellness: Why We Need to Have “Hope” for Our Body’s Health and Our Mind’s Health Radio Segment with Suzie Cooney

 As some of you know, I am a huge advocate when it comes to spreading the word of mental health. With the world facing so many challenges, it’ s no wonder why we’re more stressed, depressed, over eating, under eating, turning to alcohol or drugs or worse yet, some are choosing the sad path of suicide. But, there is one thing that somehow keeps us all going and that is “hope”.

Without it, we wouldn’t get out of bed, practice our lessons, exercise or help another. Hope helps us conquer the unknown, the uncertainty that faces many of us. Hope is also the mantra used in the world of mental health professionals to encourage all of us to believe that there is a tomorrow that will be better. I believe our President’s message also includes the word hope.

The word “hope” defined by Wikipedia: Hope is the belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one’s life.

This segment was especially important to me, for I personally manage a loved one, my mother who lives in a world of delusions, hallucinations, and fear, where some of her biggest challenges during a given day is riding the bus and returning home safely. Each day, each hour or each minute can change from function to complete dysfunction. Her disease is schizophrenia and like other brain disorders, it can diminish the feelings of hope and be clouded by thoughts and voices that are not hers.  One thing she holds onto is hope.

( If you missed link above: Listen here )I remember marching on the steps of the capital in Sacramento in 1995 with my mother some years back for a NAMI rally with signs that read, “Don’t give up the hope“.  I marched with her and my shoulder sling from some mountain bike accident or something; holding my sign too. Once again the government was cutting funding to a much needed program. But, we were not giving up hope for a positive outcome.

Speaking of positive, the word “positive” is another form of shaping a healthy mind and adds to our word hope to help us manage our hope. We’re always told to remain positive in times a great trouble or large challenges. This is easier said than done when it’s you that must remain positive. You wonder how it is, why some people are always this way?

I’ve discovered that there is a proven inverse relationship that helps us maintain our physical health when we are able to focus on keeping our mental health fit as there is a relationship to having hope. A  study performed at the Keen University in New Hampshire studied the relationship of hope and having an optimistic, positive outlook when dealing with chronic pain. The results revealed that there is a better outcome of managing illness, chronic pain and other physical challenges if one has hope, optimism and a positive outlook.

As a health care professional, I try to encourage my clients and those I mentor to look at things in a different manner. One doesn’t wake up and say, “I’m going to be positive.” It takes time to reshape one’s behaviors and ways of thinking. It’s a process. Just like losing weight, it takes time if you want to keep it off. It takes effort and a mindful attempt to look at the world, your life, your situation and most importantly,  your health in order to have this thinking stick.

I hope you enjoyed the radio segment. A special thanks to the Maui Breakfast Club and to you for spreading the word of mental health and wellness. It does a body good.


Suzie Cooney, CPT owner of Suzie Trains Maui and Mental Health Advocate.

Previous Radio Show: August 9th: Shred to Shed Losing Weight with Stand Up Paddling.

Follow Suzie on Facebook for up to the minute updates:

Resources I recommend:

NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Health: See my article for NAM here: Standing Up for Mental Illness

“Inspiring Hope Through Research” by  Dr. Robert M. Post, M.D.

Columnist for Wall Street Journal: Health: Melinda Beck