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Childhood Obesity Things to Know and How to Help Radio Segment with Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui

October 11th, 2011  Maui, HI.

Childhood obesity is out of control. Who is at fault?  How can you help as a parent, as a physician as a community? Since when do we have to worry about children at the age of 8 to have high blood pressure, heart disease and other such morbid diseases? Should McDonald’s be applauded for adding apples to their popular “Happy Meals”. Should we be “happy” about this?

Listen in on Suzie Cooney’s weekly health  & fitness segment on the Maui Breakfast Club, with hosts Tom Blackburn Rodriguez and Kellie Pali-Cruz each Tuesday on KNUI 900 AM @ 7:39am. Today’s topic: Childhood Obesity: Things to Know and How to Help Radio Segment.

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We need to lead by example and share with kids and teens of all ages to get up off the couch, turn off the cell phones and get healthy.  Schools need to find better solutions for cafeteria food and cut the sugar and sodium out completely.  Parents, are you the best role model you can be?  What do you think the or a solution could be.

AP Huffington Post

I think that Mrs. President, Michelle Obama is doing what she can, but is holding the biggest jumping jack contest on the Whitehouse lawn enough to get an entire country off their duffs?  I’m pleased but we all know it starts from the top. Educating the kids and parents on how to eat well with less should be their main focus. Regulate what is actually available to purchase on food assistance programs is another way to be sure kids just aren’t drinking Koolaid and eating crap.

Here are some links that may help:

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