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SUP Pro Talk with Suzie Cooney

Improve Balance & Reaction Time: Indo Board Training Gear & Suzie on the New “Gigante” 24″ Disc

Maui Wave Action!

Waves are a force of nature like no other. Susan does a superb job to illustrate this and more. A great read!


Surf Stronger Order This!

Married 2 The Ocean: In The Spirit of the 2014 Molokai 2 Oahu

Married 2 The Ocean…In the Spirit of the 2014,  Molokai 2 Oahu
By Suzie Cooney

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Suzie Cooney

Like others here, you probably have a serious relationship with the ocean.  This could be our common thread that brings us all back together no matter where you are at this moment.  That is pretty awesome.

This shared love is probably the only acceptable polygamous, open relationship one is allowed to have… in public anyway.   You’re safe here.

My affinity and seduction with the ocean is very serious, so much so I think that I may put it first above those of the humans I know and love.  I will not apologize for this but only hope and imagine that others share the same relationship “status.”

It is a very healthy thing to have in one’s life and it must not be taken for granted. Like all relationships, it must be well cared for and nurtured and requires a mutual respect of one another.  You must treat it the way you want to be treated.

I have made many big sacrifices in my life; some personal and some financial to make room for this relationship. I broke up with the traditional ways of earning a living that caused huge amounts of stress and strife. Fifteen years since I have found a way to fully immerse myself in it and have no regrets.  My rewards are above and beyond what money can buy.

You see, I am married to the ocean.  I’m already taken and spoken for. It’s kind of like a mortal relationship except, the ocean is always right and can reject me and hurt me in one second, but I keep going back. In the end I learn great lessons about myself and more about it’s changing ways.  The lumps on the head or even stitches and physical and mental scars are reminders of how I had to learn.

I’ve been to the water’s edge many times observing the waves, the winds, the tides and have sometimes felt a strange, distant unnerving feeling in my gut that kept me on the shore.  Those have always been the best decisions and I’ve never taken it personally.

Speaking to that the ocean never says no but sometimes it says in it’s own way,  “maybe not today, stay on land, it may not be your day.” My patience is tested, my anticipation deflated but my love for it never waivers. There is always tomorrow. I am not scorned or jealous.

When it’s good, it’s REALLY good if you know what I mean! The feeling you get when everything is right from the textures of the water to the color of the sky reflecting on it.  Then comes the rush and gush you feel deep in your soul.  From riding an awesome wave, catching a long glide or just being in it is enough of a fix for me.  Although I don’t have a sparkly ring to show for it, the ocean loves me back in it’s own way, full on.

Always having been a water person, even before I moved to Maui in 1999, the ocean is truly my happy place.  Somehow I have figured out a way to create and make the ocean my play and work and for that I am the most grateful.  But now I will face the ocean’s ultimate test.

It’s been a calling, and will soon be the final chapter of my book and that is the Molokai to Oahu, the M2O channel crossing this year, Sunday July 27, 2014.  The start is at the Northeast shore of the island of Molokai crossing 32 miles of the Ka’ iwi Channel finishing at Hawaii Kai on Oahu.


Myself along with my relay partner and dear friend, Stephen Ross we will give it our best.  On board, our friend, mentor, coach and channel champion, Jeremy Riggs, Cathy Gillis wife to Stephen, my boyfriend Tommy and Simone Reddingius, affectionately known as Monie Pie; who will capture our adventure.

The feeling I have is hard to describe as we approach but our desire is to finish with a smile and for our support team on board to have an amazing experience with us; one they will not forget.

The training has been intense and the organizing of a million and one logistics are all a part of the fun. Then there is the unknown of what the ocean will decide to do that day; that alone has been something to process in my mind. The more I think about it’s hard to put my head around, but if I observe in my mind at 10,000 feet I’m able to better grasp the reality.

We are accepting of the challenges that wait no matter what.  Our personal commitment to ourselves, our team and finally to the ocean will be and open book with the anticipation of a wonderful story and photos to share.

Being married to ocean is a good thing you see but this union will be tested. It is a committed relationship that one cannot undo or take away.  Divorce is never an option!

Here is a recent two minute action video that fully expresses all the above.TURN IT UP!!  Enjoy and thank you for your continued friendship and support. Stay tuned next month to learn how the crossing it went.

I’d like to mention my mentors and friends that inspire me:  Karen Wrenn, Bill Boyum, Loch Eggers, Bill Hofmann, Randy Royse, Ralf Sifford, Kathy Shipman, Dave Kalama, Kody and Buzzy Kerbox, Jenny Kalmbach, Andrea Moeller, Peggy King, Livio Menelau, Bart de Zwart, Annabel Anderson, Gregg Leion, Kai Lenny, Connor Baxter, Chuck Patterson, Manca Notar, Michi Schweiger, Johnny Kessel, and many more.

To learn more about the M2O, watch this cool video: “We Arrive” Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships

Thanks to my sponsors: Naish, BLUESMITHS, Indo Board Balance Trainer, Pocketfuel Naturals, RAWElements USA, Kaenon Polarized Eyewear

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Suzie Cooney Suzie Cooney
Owner of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC

Core Stability Exercises for Surfers


These photos of me were taken by Simone Reddingius from page 53 ( all rights reserved )from the book Surf Survival The Surfer’s Health Handbook.  Here we’re showing you how you can improve core stability for surfing by using the self myofascial roller or also referred to as an SMR roller.  It’s like a self massage when used as a way to roll out tired and sore muscles.  For more exercises to help you gotta see these: See my video

The self myofascial roller is a dense piece of foam, 36 inches in length by 6 inches across in diameter and is often seen in most gyms.  They do come in different densities so be sure to start with the easiest or less intense one. That is usually the ones that are white.  In this illustration we are using the more dense, stiff roller. Continue reading Core Stability Exercises for Surfers

Maui SUP Surf Maliko Downwinder with Suzie Cooney and Dual GoPro Cameras

MAUI, Hawaii: June 8, 2012 For those who’ve wondered what it’s like to paddle out of the Maliko Gulch to the Harbor, well here ya go! Be sure to watch whole thing to see “what happens…”

Turn up the volume, sit back get inspired and see the action from two GoPro Cameras mounted on the Naish 14ft Glide. Full throttle…


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Mahalo to GoPro, Naish, IndoBoard, Kaenon and Jon Ham and Jeremy Riggs for inspiring me.

Aloha Suzie Cooney, CPT Owner of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC

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Radio Segment with Suzie Cooney: What You See Is How You Perform: Increase Your SUP, Surf, Dirt Bike or Any Sports Performance With Visualization Training

What You See Is How You Perform: Increase Your SUP, Surf, Dirt Bike or Any Sports Performance With Visualization Training

      LISTEN HERE  to Suzie’s Radio Segment

by Suzie Cooney, CPT
Suzie Trains Maui

See the finish line, the crowd cheering you on the last buoy turn, the last surf heat before the horn, the last lap of your mountain bike or dirt bike race and see your personal victory! Okay, now adjust the speed and tempo, add a little more weight to the bar, do a few more balance tricks and turn up the music.

Visualizing your win, your finish or any goal you set out for your racing or training I guarantee will get you that trophy or medal or simply help you get to the next phase of your training and sport. We watch the networks play over and over in slow motion, two competitors going handle bar to handle bar on the dirt track, paddlers digging as deep and fast as they dig deep into last turn back to the beach, or the Olympic speed skaters pushing off those last few powerful meters.

You can do the same during your training. If you’re a surfer and while you’re performing a weighted squat on your INDO Board, you see the green room and the spray of huge dragons breath; popping you out of that tube standing tall touching the back of that blue wall. For example, when I’m on my spin bike, I close my eyes as the music carries me across the ocean on my Naish Glide at warp speed, catching every bump and trough possible, or better, turning on the face of a big wave.

Whatever your sport, your mental game and how you see yourself as an athlete makes a critical difference in how you perform. Do you see yourself as an athlete? Are you looking to build your game and confidence? I’m not a scientist, but what I do know is that the subconscious captures images of our desire outcomes and holds them and when an opportunity mimics the situation, it retrieves that image and allows our minds and body to shape and make that true.

I have the pleasure to introduce to you my training client, Stephen. Here is his awesome story on how his visualization training became an exciting reality, to a successful 27 mile stand up paddle race finish. The race was Saturday April 23rd, 2011. It started from Honolua Bay, Maui across the open ocean channel to the island of Molokai. Sport, stand up paddle, partner Mike Owens.  ( photos by Joshua Kjorven)

“ I would like to help contribute, it was one of those crazy ideas one gets while I was watching Connor and Dave battle it out in the Pailolo Channel on last year’s race. It was in November when I first watched the video of the battle where Connor ultimately won. Watching him paddle, getting that imprint of his paddle stroke, and ability to read the swell was captivating. I thought with a little practice “I could do that” and why not, what could possibly go wrong? I never think about the details (they usually become a barrier),I just stay focused on the goal, and the details usually work themselves out in the end.

I set up our indoor pool to train and get in shape during the winter months, and then arrived in Maui to start training with you and Jeremy. Jeremy corrected my paddle stroke, and taught me to catch bumps on the four Maliko runs we did, plus several days in the harbor. Suzie helped me focus on my balance and strengthened the areas that I needed to improve upon, and it really helped. In reality was I ready for such a crossing and be a contender? No but my goal was to do it, learn it, and experience the rush, get the confidence, and then do it again next year, hopefully solo.

 This is an excellent example of how Stephen’s visual training of seeing his successful outcome and all the steps he needed to take to get there, seeing himself as an athlete, a competitor and a finisher! Good job Stephen!

What I suggest is that you get real clear on what you want to see. Get real specific with how you want to perform. Do you want to go faster, carve bigger turns, or catch bigger glides or simply finish? Focus that imagery on just that. See in your mind over and over again that perfect picture of the outcome. Some people also explore hypnosis.

When you look in the mirror at the gym, get hyper focused and don’t be embarrassed of how strong you think you look. Right on! That’s what I want. Growl, sing see the confetti! If one of my clients is training for a big event and we’re squeaking out one more set or rep, I just love to whisper in their ear, “this is when you win.” I’ll also say, “Are you not the fierce competitor I know? Then do it.”

Now I’m not the mean trainer you see on TV, but I do give my clients the tools to help them get real with themselves and give them lots of positive images while we are training. I am the one that will keep you very positive and erase any negative and mental obstacles. If you don’t have a trainer, I suggest you try and do the same.

Develop a mantra that you say to yourself as you have your image. This is also a very powerful tool I suggest to my clients that get’s them very fired up and focused. I don’t care if it sounds totally silly, or if it’s a string of unusual sounds, it’s what resonates with them, If it makes sense to them and get’s them to that place they must go, then say it. I know people hear me when I’m surfing, SUP surfing or training down Maliko. I talk to myself all the time out loud.

What I strongly suggest when testing out your mantra with your visual, please don’t say negative things, like “you dummy, just one more stroke” or “I’m an idiot… “. You get my drift. Positive words, positive images equal a positive outcome.

Takeaway: Say to yourself  “I am an athlete, a fierce competitor and I am strong”. See yourself getting tubed, finishing your first 5 or 10k, rounding that last buoy, or hitting it full throttle across the line.

I’d love to read about what you see when you train and what the outcomes are? Are you faster, stronger? How did it change the way you train? We welcome your comments!

Aloha, Suzie Cooney, CPT

Should you like to learn more about Suzie and train with her on Maui for your next successful experience, go to her website at

Also follow her on Face Book at: Follow SuzieTrainsMaui on Twitter

Suzie is alsoTeam Rider for Naish International. Check out the latest in her SUP specific training tips.

Transform your performance! Train like Suzie’s clients with the INDO Board

It was a great day, emotional and draining but I will do it again next year for sure.” Stephen

Getting ready for the big Maui to Molokai Challenge!

My partner was Mike Owens, we did a great job, for first timers, and we had fun. And we will do it again next year. I started visualizing this goal in November, and kept at it since then, but on the beach that morning I was just grateful to have the opportunity to do such a thing, everyone was giving us course instructions, Jeremy was saying this will be an experience of a lifetime and to enjoy it, but once we put the paddle to the water… That visualization, the memory of Jeremy’s instructions and Connors video all came in to focus and that made the difference.

Full Moon Stand Up Paddle on Maui August 24 2010 Photos

Full Moon Paddle on Maui August 24, 2010:

photo by Simone Reddingius

photo by Simone Reddingius

     Thanks everyone for coming out and showing your Aloha and braving the waters under the moon.  It was simply amazing as the moon was rising behind us, looking back at the paddlers with their green glow sticks!  Even the Mels showed up all the way from Haiku!

photo by Simone Reddingius  Full Moon Paddle August 24 2010

photo by Simone Reddingius Full Moon Paddle August 24 2010

There were shooting stars and a little bump on the water for a little night surf action!

A special thanks to Simone Reddingius for capturing these killer shots, to Jeremy Riggs and Randy Rouse for leading the pack and to Kyle Ellison and Donny for sweeping and keeping an eye on he group on the water. Deb Driscoll is not allowed to have more than one glow stick..    Ha Ha. 

Next time, maybe a little more water time and a beginner group? 

Join us next time in September!  Stayed tuned and join us for an amazing experience!

Here are some more photos by Simone:



photo by Simone Reddingius

photo by Simone Reddingius


photo by Simone Reddingius

photo by Simone Reddingius

photo by Simone Reddingius

photo by Simone Reddingius

Kihei Full Moon Paddle photo by Simone Reddingius

Kihei Full Moon Paddle photo by Simone Reddingiusphoto by Simone Reddingiusphoto by Simone Reddingiusphoto by Simone Reddingius

photo by Simone Reddingius

photo by Simone Reddingiusphoto by Simone Reddingiusphoto by Simone Reddingiusphoto by Simone Reddingius


photo by Simone Reddingius

photo by Simone Reddingius

See you under the next full moon in September!
To see more of Simone’s cool photos: click here:
In good healthy fun,
Suzie Cooney
SUP Logo New

Maui Stand Up Paddler & Waterman Jeremy Riggs in the Training Studio with Suzie Cooney

Jeremy Riggs cross training

Jeremy Riggs cross training

Jeremy Riggs, elite stand up paddler and surfer, talent is amazing on the water and off! We’re working on a little cross training to increase his performance so he’s ready for any glide, bump or swell and for the surf this winter. Jeremy recently came in first place in his age group, 14 foot no rudder class, at the 5th Annual Naish Paddle Championships here on Maui July 18th. Jeremy finished with an impressive time of 1:18:45.  Click here for more race info.    This is the 5th year in a row he’s won the Naish  rudderless division. I know he wants to keep this streak going!

“Suzie’s training keeps me at a high  level of fitness without paddling. I’ve learned some really challenging exercises that are fun and will keep me strong outside of paddling. I also want to prevent injury.  The number one thing Suzie gives me is more confidence and now I feel more prepared. Suzie’s helping me out tremendously. I’m doing more, so I should be better. “

jeremy riggs photo Jimmie Hepp

Jeremy Riggs Naish Race photo Jimmie Hepp

Jeremy  photo by Darrell Wong

Jeremy photo by Darrell Wong

Just prior to the Naish race, he placed in the top ten elite class of the Mormaii Maui to Molokai Race July 10th, 2010 he placed 7th with a time of 3:44:01.  On June 12th, 2010  the prestigious and brutal IRONMAN of all SUP races, Battle of the Paddle

Jeremy Riggs BOP Oahu photo Simone Reddingius

Jeremy Riggs BOP Oahu photo Simone Reddingius

in  Oahu,  his time was 1:39:15!  Along with relay partner Mark Raaphorst, they took first place in the  April 24th, 2010  Maui to Molokai, put on by the Maui Canoe and Kayak Club, with a time of 3:41:49 .

Jeremy is definitely strong and focused. We’re keeping it simple for now and introducing core and stabilization work, in addition with specific exercises to increase paddle power and endurance.  Here in this photo, he’s performing a shoulder press with light, 10lb kettle bells while balancing on a Vew Do board to help promote quick reactions, glute strength, shoulder endurance and independent leg performance.

Jeremy Riggs, photo Jimmie Hepp

Jeremy Riggs, photo Jimmie Hepp

By keeping his body in tip top shape, this will help  Jeremy prevent injury and overuse incidents. Over training is common in top athletes and learning how to balance a training routine is paramount to break through to the next level.

Jeremy  photo Dale Kanekoa

Jeremy photo Dale Kanekoa

If you want to be the best in your sport, I’m here to help you! No matter what level of performance you’re seeking we can increase your performance and endurance.

Jeremy lives in Maui with awesome wife and mother, Jill, baby Ruby and big sister Natalie.

Call me for a complimentary introduction visit 808-283-2121  or visit my website at Follow me on Face book by clicking here:



Naish 5th Annual Paddle Board and SUP Championships Maui July 18, 2010 Race Results and Slideshows


Naish 5th Annual Paddle Board SUP Championships Maui July 18, 2010 Race Results
   Photos by Jimmie Hepp and Casey Fukuda
Jamie Mitchell

Jamie Mitchell photo Jimmie Hepp

It was an amazing day and terrific finish! Before the race however, rain squalls passed through that threatened us, as we stood under the Naish tents. We had a staged start inside the gulch this time and it was a little hectic on the holdling line! Next to me, good friends, and people from around the globe attended including paddle board champion Jamie Mitchell. Our local favorites, Dave Kalama, Scott Trudon, Connor Baxter, Buzzy Kerbox, Andrea Moeller, Karen Wrenn, Julia Schweiger, and many other outstanding athletes and friends, too many to mention, and some novice caught lots of glides and the wind finally came up nicely averaging about 20 mph.   (results below, after photos)


Dave Kalama & Scott Trudon

Race Start: Maliko Gulch to Kahului Harbor:   9.54 Miles




 Maui Map



 From the Maui News:  Eight-time defending world paddleboarding champion Jamie Mitchell competes in Sunday’s Naish Maui International. Mitchell was the top paddleboard finisher, covering the 9.54 miles from Maliko Gulch to Kahului Harbor in 1 hour, 17 minutes, 16 seconds. The top female paddleboarder was Becci Gardiner in 1:50:41. SECOND PHOTO: Dave Kalama heads to his third stand-up title in the Maui International – he finished in 1:13:48. Andrea Moeller was the fastest female stand-up competitor, in 1:22:11.

Maliko Gulch to Kahului Harbor (9.54 miles) Continue reading Naish 5th Annual Paddle Board and SUP Championships Maui July 18, 2010 Race Results and Slideshows