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SUP Pro Talk with Suzie Cooney

Improve Balance & Reaction Time: Indo Board Training Gear & Suzie on the New “Gigante” 24″ Disc

Maui Wave Action!

Waves are a force of nature like no other. Susan does a superb job to illustrate this and more. A great read!


Surf Stronger Order This!

Fitness Tips for Wavesailing and Windsurfing

photo by Harry WiewelAloha,

This article was written by Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui for the NSW Wavesailing Association and covers everything from common windsurfing injuries and a few exercise tips on how to strengthen your body to avoid them.  See below for more and to go directly to the link:

photo by Harry Wiewell

Suzie Cooney Windsurfing Fitness

Continue reading Fitness Tips for Wavesailing and Windsurfing

Video Meet Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui

Subscribe to me on YouTubeThanks for checking out my video! Whether you want to charge big waves or shed weight, strengthen your core or get inspired, I’m here to help YOU!

I specialize in water sports performance training on Maui;- (SUP)stand up paddle stronger, surf stronger, windsurf stronger, paddle or kite stronger. Pros and non-pros are welcome! Or if you’re not a water athlete, I can help you too. New mom’s wanting to get a jump start, reentering fitness or coming off an injury, I’m in your corner.

My training will challenge and motivate you. Improve your core and balance, land and ocean endurance and learn all my jewels to keep you balanced and avoid injury. Training is functional training. On the beach, in the studio and on the water, I want to see what you’ve got!

If you are visiting Maui be sure to contact me well in advance to assure my availability. Contact me e:   Also be sure to visit:

As used in video: Indo Board Training Gear. To order yours to be a stronger surfer, paddler or strengthen your knees, hips and ankles click photo here:

Aloha Suzie Cooney, CPT Owner of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC

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A Simple Training Tip For SUP to Maximize Leg Strength and Endurance with the Indo Board Training Gear

A Simple Training Tip For SUP to Maximize Leg Strength and Endurance with the Indo Board Training Gear

By Suzie Cooney, CPT Owner of Suzie Trains Maui

More and more people are stand up paddling and I get flooded with emails on how to strengthen the legs to help reduce fatigue, increase performance for distance, wave paddling and simply cruising. There is not one answer but I have a tip that can help all the above at some level.

From beginners to professional paddlers, everyone can benefit to learn how to maximize your leg strength and endurance to you can enjoy paddling longer, possibly reduce injury or to push your limits and improve your performance.

I’ve been a Team Rider for Indo Board for years now and love how the sport and gear have evolved together to allow for smooth paddling and more water time. I’ve had numerous major injuries over the years, and seriously, my Indo Board gear has brought me back faster and stronger than ever.

When folks are making transitions from flat water to wave paddling, it’s all footwork and water reading. It’s pretty awesome when you can train your body to connect to your brain’s intention and have it all right there.  Connect your body to the waves, bump or trough if downwind paddling.

This simple tip I offer will wake up all the fine muscles around the feet, ankle, knees and hips independently of your other leg. I like this exercise ( see blow ) because although all the muscles of your body work together, by breaking it down and loading up each joint; we can then maximize each point to perform with it’s own strength and consistency, then ultimately allowing for every joint to excel in unison.

Additionally, the strength you gain will then allow for quicker reaction times to changing conditions, increase muscle endurance and hopefully minimize injury or overuse syndromes and other compensations. ( I am not a physician but have worked in sports orthopedics. Always consult with your personal specialist with regards to any injuries or if embarking on a new fitness routine.)

Gear: Indo Board Balance Board ( pictured here: Indo Board Kicktail ) and Indo Board IndoFLO Gigante Cushion   In addition, to add to challenge add a 10-20lb Kettle Bell or dumb bell. Any of the Indo Board models will work well.

Even though I’m a “regular” surfer and paddler surfer, funny thing is I skateboard and snowboard “goofy”.  So fortunately I will benefit from training with left foot and right foot forward. My point is, even though you may be one or the other, train both legs.

Inflate the Gigante Flo Cushion with less air for more difficulty or more air to slow it down. Place the Indo Board Rocker or Indo Board Kicktail on top with nubby side up for maximum traction of board to cushion.  I also suggest that you kick off your shoes because any rubber will act as a false barrier between you and the real thing.

  1. Step onto board slowly in a surfer’s stance with kettle bell or dumbbell in the hand of the opposite side of the foot your approach with.  So if goofy or right foot, step up and hold weight in left hand.
  2. To maximize results, hold weight “above” the joints we intend to stress, so up to shoulder. My joint targets: ankles, knees and hips.
  3. I suggest “time” your set. For example, beginner would hold for 5-10 seconds, and advance to 30-60 seconds in each direction or with each foot.
  4. Lower body into squat position, gaze forward, breathe and hold. Burn to fatigue. Shaking is okay and expected.

You will begin to feel your ankle, knee and hip burn and or shake! This is good! Hold on to this position as best you can and time yourself now. See how low you can go. Relax your feet and don’t look down.

Rise up slowly, step off the back of board onto ground rest then switch it up over to the opposite leg. Repeat.

If you have the opportunity to try both boards, the Ying and Yang ( links here ) and then the Kicktail, wow what a difference. The Kicktail, which is my favorite, is very challenging and offers a lot more ankle and foot action.  This requires the small, tiny stabilizers to fire and fatigue, which is the result you want.

Again, the point I’m also attempting to illustrate is that by holding a weight over and above the joint or muscle group that you’d like to strengthen and train, you will maximize the benefit and outcome.  The fact that we also get to add the variable of an unstable platform gives us the ultimate opportunity for your training. If the weight is below or at joint level it will produce a different result.

This kind of training is efficient and I promise you that you will definitely notice a difference the minute you get on the water. People who train with me are blown away of how much easier it is to literally step onto the wave, or last longer in channel crossing, or for any distance paddling.

This particular exercise can also transfer well to surfing, kiting and windsurfing.

I hope you enjoyed this tip. Here is a link to other articles I’ve written for SUP Fitness.

If ever on Maui, I’m available for private specialized training and can show you all my training tips to maximize your results and SUP water performance. I also offer private and semi-private professional SUP lessons.

Don’t forget to order your Indo Board Equipment here.  Here is a photo of my training quiver from Indo Board. Having good balance, strength and leg endurance is key for more time on the water. Other articles  you may enjoy allows you to learn more SUP training applications.

Indo Board Training Equipment for Stand Up Paddle Training For Every Condition and Every Season  and

More on the Core: Increasing your Padding Power

Photos for Indo Board by Tracy Kraft Leboe

Rip it up, blade forward, dig in and charge ahead!

Aloha and see you on the water.

Suzie Cooney, CPT  Owner of Suzie Trains Maui

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Catching Waves Is Good For Your Health Also Check Out My Lastest Board Reviews & Exercise Tips

Honolua Magic Maui by Simone Reddingius © 2011

From the Suzie Trains Maui  ENews:

Whether you’re just learning to surf or pulling into a nice hollow Honolua Bay wave, the thrill of surfing or dreaming of a wave like this is definitely good for your health. Here, Maui photographer, Simone Reddingius captures this surfer dropping in. His muscles are ripped, he’s focused and you can bet his heart rate is high. The endorphins that make you feel so good are exploding as he carves that gun into the blue room for that magical moment. This, you can be sure is good for your health!

CLICK here to see more of Simone’s fine surf photographer and other talents.

Also, check out all the photos from recent  Suzie Trains Maui ENews  Highlights of Naish & Suzie Trains Maui  SUP Fun Beach Fitness & Paddle Challenge special guest Kai  Lenny, as 55 participants finished FREE event. See the famous “taco rolls in the sand”.  See photos and event highlights.

In this Issue of Suzie Trains Maui ENews:

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Indo Board Training Equipment  & Exercises for All Conditions & All Seasons: Fitness Tips from Suzie Cooney


Gear & Board Reviews: The Alana Series featured here is oh so lovely. Don’t let the frills or flowers fool you. These two high performance boards are delivering waves of fun and miles of exlporations!

Please feel free to post a comment and tell us how you love to surf to keep healthy! Also, any tips you want to share about how you approach the New Year to make good lifestyle choices, feel free! Mahalo!

Happy New Year!  Suzie Cooney, CPT owner of Suzie Trains Maui


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