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SUP Pro Talk with Suzie Cooney

Improve Balance & Reaction Time: Indo Board Training Gear & Suzie on the New “Gigante” 24″ Disc

Maui Wave Action!

Waves are a force of nature like no other. Susan does a superb job to illustrate this and more. A great read!


Surf Stronger Order This!

Video Meet Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui

Subscribe to me on YouTubeThanks for checking out my video! Whether you want to charge big waves or shed weight, strengthen your core or get inspired, I’m here to help YOU!

I specialize in water sports performance training on Maui;- (SUP)stand up paddle stronger, surf stronger, windsurf stronger, paddle or kite stronger. Pros and non-pros are welcome! Or if you’re not a water athlete, I can help you too. New mom’s wanting to get a jump start, reentering fitness or coming off an injury, I’m in your corner.

My training will challenge and motivate you. Improve your core and balance, land and ocean endurance and learn all my jewels to keep you balanced and avoid injury. Training is functional training. On the beach, in the studio and on the water, I want to see what you’ve got!

If you are visiting Maui be sure to contact me well in advance to assure my availability. Contact me e:   Also be sure to visit:

As used in video: Indo Board Training Gear. To order yours to be a stronger surfer, paddler or strengthen your knees, hips and ankles click photo here:

Aloha Suzie Cooney, CPT Owner of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC

Also, to join my confidential mailing list and receive lots of great tips and more, go here:

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Suzie Cooney Stand Up Paddle Fitness Experience at Lumeria Maui May 2012

Aloha ladies! We invite you to our exclusive luxury, stand up paddling health and fitness experience on the worldwide SUP island destination Maui, Hawaii.  Four (4) women will enjoy tropical warm waters, personalized SUP coaching and instruction, expert fitness training, organic meals prepared by Chef Ben Diamond, massage, yoga and premium products representing the SUP lifestyle, while staying on the beautiful N. shore at Maui’s new stunning and tranquil retreat center, Lumeria Maui.

Listen here to Suzie’s radio show about the experience.


  “Suzie Cooney combines imagination, inspiration and perspiration. She’s a one-of-a-kind waterwoman; a brilliant and patient teacher. Oh, and she is also a complete badass, which is the highest compliment I can possibly give.” —Susan Casey, bestselling author and editor in chief of O, The Oprah Magazine.

If you’d like to reserve your space, please contact us by submitting your information here. It it required each guest have some SUP experience and is comfortable in the ocean or large bodies of water. Once your registration is complete and approved, you will receive more detailed information.

SUP Experience Prerequisites and More Information : Click here.

To visit the website of Lumeria Maui go to: 

Questions and inquires or to book:



INDO Board Gear for All of My Client’s Training Needs

Left to right: Gigante Disc, Suzie, smaller 12" disc, 6.5 in roller, 8.5 in roller, INDO Board Pro, Ying & Yang Rocker Board, Kicktail

Aloha! Everyone knows that trains with me or reads my blogs and articles that I ‘m a huge fan of the INDO Board. It has brought all my clients to new levels in fitness and is always exciting and fun; meanwhile allowing me to cater to each individual and their unique needs. I’ve been a team rider and contributor for INDO Board for some time, and their product development, trainer curriculum and application continues to blow me away. My surfers, stand up paddlers, kiters, windsurfers and those also coming off of injuries have enjoyed building their strength on the different INDO Boards and platforms. Even those reentering fitness again or for those who want to freshen up their routine, love the challenge and discover new things about their abilities which allows me at any level, help them reach their personal fitness goals.

Functional training is the key focus of my practice and it’s how I’m sure that when I’m training a surfer or a new mom, all of their kinetic checkpoints are tracking properly before we embark on any new fitness program. The INDO Board training equipment offers me the expansive opportunity to test, observe and ask folks to perform on different, unstable platforms and is part of every assessment for each individual. It allows me to really measure one’s core strength, balance and reaction ability while I’m developing their unique program in my mind, all the while watching them discover new abilities they thought they never had. As a trainer, this is my biggest reward!

Suzie Cooney on Gigante Disc photo by Darrell Wong 2011 All Rights Reserved

The Gigante Disc, which has been a dream come true not only for training my SUP clients on land before we train on the water, but I’ve discovered so many other modalities and exercises that I’ve never before knew one could do. I often make up a lot of this stuff as I go based on the individual’s ability. You will see this piece of gear as one of my favorites and now on Naish’s website with my fitness articles. My mind is always thinking in that direction as I develop more and more exercises and also combine other tools and weights in conjunction with. It’s literally exponential on what you can do for your own training.

My second favorite new deck is the simple INDO Board Kicktail and the INDO Board Ying & Yang Rocker Board, which is very loose and wide, offering my more advanced clients a lot more freestyle action on a larger surface, but I’ve already implemented other uses! For example, today, setting up my hard core windsurfer, Tim Ellison loves it when I place the INDO Board Kicktail board on top of a semi-inflated Gigante disc in the surfers stance. This is his way of practicing his foot work for wave sailing. Then I fire at him an 8lb medicine ball in all planes of motion. He loves it! The INDO Board Kicktail is narrow and challenging, while the Gigante forces him to keep his knees bent and manage the force production and movement caused by the weighted ball. He’s be happy and completey satisfied if we did this the entire session!

The photo above shows me on my Naish 9’0″ Hokua. This is quite a sassy quad fin and with the INDO Board Gigante disc inflated almost to the max, I’m able to push my body to the max. ( beginners, remove your fins and I may suggest you place two Gigantes with less air at first, one in front and one in the back of board ). Aquiring upper body endurance with a medicine ball or weighted bar, while at the same time challenging all the finite muscles from from my feet, ankles, knees, hips to the core. This will get your heart rate up and burn your legs! AWESOME!

If you want to see a few other INDO Board equipment exercises I’ve referenced, you can also check out my SUP Fitness Tips for Naish. Also, you can check out a recent article on advanced core training featuring my client Jules on the INDO Pro Board.She’s got a rock’n body and loves the

Advanced INDO Board Core Training. Not just for surfers or paddlers! Everyone can benefit!

core challenge.

SUP paddlers, you can take your paddling to the next level with just a few pieces of key INDO Board equipment. This kind of training REALLY transfers to many different types of water conditions. Flat water, to big waves, to Maliko down wind coast runs, require all muscles to fire and this type of training also known as “propreocetion” work is key. You want your body to respond quickly and naturally. That’s why this gear makes that difference. Be sure you take your time and train your brain with the new reaction benefits that will challenge you. Safety is paramount and as you progress in your leg, core and even upper body strength, go back to the basics and start from the top.

Progressions should be safe, managable and always proper form. Progressions are as simple as two legs to one, less air in disc(s) or more air. Tempo, speed shift, holding weights below your knees or resting on your shoulder as you might perform squats on top of the Gigante disc while standing on the Rocker Board.

Hunter Joslin, Chip and Georgette at INDO Board, thank you for all that you do to help us trainers help more of our clients and water sport enthusiasts, and putting smiles on thousands of hard training folks, and for providing a most excellent quiver of fun under the sun or studio lights!

Mahalo and in good health,

Suzie Cooney, CPT of Suzie Trains Maui

While visiting Maui, Suzie is available for professional private training sessions. These may include on and off water sessions should you like. She will take you through all the progressions based on your current level of fitness and assist you safely to success. Call at 808-283-2121 or go to:

For more information on the cool folks and gear at INDO Board products:


Women on Maui STAND UP Paddle for Their Health and Fitness with Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui

SUP Logo NewOctober 16, 2010   Maui was the place to be!  Stand Up Paddling, or SUP is sweeping all around the world but a few wonderful, special women,  got the glides of their lives and experienced a new found passion for a sport they can own and share with their friends and family. ( photos below in slideshow )

I had the pleasure of meeting so many dynamic, inspiring women today; all with the desire to learn or improve their skills in stand up paddling. There is something very cool about gathering a group of women together and sharing and adventure that is new and exciting.  They all showed up right on time and at 6:45 on the dot, boards were off the cars and lined up on the beach.


After introductions,  it was right into some active stretching with our paddles to prepare for the morning ahead. I promised no heavy push ups or sit ups, this time.. ! There was a small south swell running, and safety was on top of the agenda. I reviewed board safety, board features, paddle features and water safety. With experienced Maui waterwoman, Deb Driscoll, big wave SUP surfer,  assiting me, we lined everyone up,   and one by one, out we went, some for the first time ever experiencing what it’s like to paddle over a wave! All made it just fine past the break and then they got the thumbs up to STAND UP and go..  To help capture the day was Maui’s professional waterwoman and photographer, Julia Schweiger. Check out her website:

 I have never had such a group that were such fast learners.  It was so rewarding to see Susanna conquer her fears and before you know it, she was up and hoot’n and yelling and we were all clapping and whistling!  Susanna, you are a shining star!  She said that she was so thankful for Deb helping her and staying with her. All of the gals really did great. The winds never really came up too hard which allowed us to stay out longer.  

Elizabeth charged!   Mary I think you could have gone to Lahaina.  It was the first time I was able to take a new crew on a little long distance challenge. Laurel and Mary and Gill leading the way. Julia Schweiger, our photographer and SUP racer herself;  had to paddle hard with me catching them at the turn!  What a workout.  To really test them, we did some push ups, core planks and leg squat.  Great job everyone!

As we came in, a few of them caught their first waves!  Doesn’t matter if you’re on your knees, standing or sitting down.. you guys caught some rides. Now you know what it feels like!  

We wrapped up the day with high fives and now with our new water friends, it was time to refuel and review what we learned. As their reward, my sponsors and supporters helped me fill a nice goody bag to add to the SUP experience. To be a proficient SUP paddler, you must have the right gear!

I’d like to thank those sponsors, Naish International and the Maui Naish Pro Center, Olukai Premium Footwear, ATHLETA
Watermans Applied Science and the American Heart Association.

NaishMauiLogoohanasub1Logo Large

Go Red For Women

Here’s what some of the women had to say about the day:

Aloha Suzie:
Where do I begin….How can I express my sincere feelings of gratefulness to you.  I cannot tell you how happy I was to be in your presence.  Your energy was so moving, your sincerity was inspirational, and your beauty (inside and out) was amazing.  Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge and your love of the sport, (SUP) with women here on Maui and around the world.  Thank you for empowering us with the tools we need to be strong, be fit, and be beautiful, healthy, women of the world.  I totally appreciated your professionalism, your sweetness, and your true commitment to the sport.  Thank you for enforcing safety both in the water and safety pertaining to our boards.  Very necessary and important to always be aware that safety comes first.  And most of all, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing me to participate in this past Saturdays’ clinic.  I am so blessed to know such an amazing, compassionate, and beautiful woman.  God’s blessings to you as you continue to empower women!!!  Go for it Suzie!!!!!    My Aloha Always, Sandy

Our love and aloha to Deb Driscoll for her love and encouragement as well.  She was absolutely fabulous to all the women. 


Dear Suzie,
Thank you so much for the clinic yesterday morning.  For me the group and your leadership as well as Debs’ created an atmosphere that enabled me to push myself beyond my fears and see my strength emerge.  The paddling was more fun than I can remember having in a long time and planted a seed to further my own growth as I look forward, stand up straight and paddle in the V shape as though I was flying free amongst a flock of birds on the wing.


Dear Suzie,
              What a lovely morning we had yesterday, with your SUP Women’s Clinic.   You established such a friendly and relaxed tone, so “first timers” like me felt reassured and emboldened to simply “get up and paddle!”  I was sure I’d be wobbling and falling but you connected with each one of us, and with your gentle enthusiasm you imbued us all with confidence.  In no time at all we were paddling over coral-heads and out to a boat that was moored in the bay.  
By starting early, we enjoyed calm conditions and fresh morning air ~ and our convivial group of ladies sure made for a very pleasant experience!    It was very satisfying to learn a new skill, and be able to view our beautiful beaches from a whole new perspective.
             Thank you so much for your sincere enthusiasm, the generous ‘goodie bags’ and for being such a kind and helpful instructor.   I look forward to getting more info on your Makena Paddling excursion, when we’ll hopefully have a group reunion and discover another beautiful stretch of coastline… 
Aloha and sincere thanks
from Gill  (“Jill”) McBarnet,    
Author and Illustrator of Hawaiian Children’s Books:


OMG, what a blast!  What an amazing group of women.  I had a great morning with you, all.  Thank you, Suzie and Deb, for this wonderful clinic.  I can’t believe how much I learned today.   I’ll be at Puamana with my family tomorrow morning.  Can’t wait to practice the quick turn and teach that to my family!  Gabi, Laurel  and Susanna are meeting me there, too.  Hope rest of you can join us.  Puamana is the last beach park before Lahaina.
I’m planing to join the full moon paddling.
Also, Gabi, Laurel, Gill and I like to do a longer distance puddling at Makena soon.  I’ll let all of you know when so you can join us, too.
Happy puddling. ?(^o^)?

Thank you, Suzie, for the goodie bag, too.


Thanks so much for the fun morning of SUP. I learned some great tips. My 16 year old son wants to come with me for the full moon paddle and bring a friend. Is that OK? They are experienced. What a great sport when a teenager will participate with his mom.

Thanks for putting together such a nice gift bag.



Dear Suzie,
Yes, I agree with all that has been written about the fantastic clinic that you ran yesterday.  It was exactly what I imagined and hoped it would be–an invigorating and fun morning learning a new skill on the beautiful oceans of our paradise.  I thank you kindly for you patient and thorough approach.  Between you and Deb I felt very protected.  I think I might have the bug now…I went again today with Sachi!  It was thrilling to be out on the water today with my husband and my youngest son (they are wave surfers). Can’t wait until my oldest son comes home from college so I can be out there with him too. You’ve opened up new and incredible opportunities to me.
With a heart-felt thanks,
Gabrielle Galler-Rimm, M.D.
Developmental &Behavioral Pediatrics


Thank you so much, for everything, Suzie! Bringing this group of women together made a perfect opportunity for me to get myself out there and try something new. All of the women were fantastic and so, so sweet. It’s always great to learn something in an atmosphere of such support — being the youngest one there, it was almost like I had a network of mothers to help me through it. :) Even after claiming the trophy of falling first in the water, the little, encouraging tips you offered me got me in line right away! I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this clinic, and I know that anyone who wants to try SUP can do it, and they’ll love it! You are such an inspirational person, Suzie. Thank you so much for doing all you do to show us what we are capable of!



Hi Suzie,  I can’t thank you enough for today.  I have been so frustrated trying SUP without even knowing how to stand, hold my paddle or how to get in and out of the surf.  You are such a delightful teacher-the stretches, the comraderie, the expertise out on the water, trying to catch those waves.  I am absolutely sure that I now have a lifelong passion thanks to you!


 Wow, I’m so grateful to be able to experience a day like today. I will continue my mission and through these lovely women, the sport of SUP will continue to grow and be recognized as not only a great way to get in shape, but to spread to the world that we must take care of ourselves and our health. Might as well have some fun doing it!

Deb Driscoll, Maui Big Wave SUP paddler and awesome assistant!

Deb Driscoll, Maui Big Wave SUP paddler and awesome assistant!

A big mahalo to Deb Driscol, my assstant coach who shared such an enthusiatic, postive way of teaching. Julia, the photos say it all!  Thank you for taking the time to stop by my website. I have one more clinic this year with just one opening,  November 13th, 2010 here on Maui. After that, it’s off to Costa Rica and other fun places across the globe!






Get out and paddle and STAND UP for your health.


Suzie Cooney, CPT 


Suzie Trains Maui

   You can also follow me and other events on Face Book:









A Total Body Workout For Everyone with Suzie Cooney for ATHLETA

chi-header Total Body Workout For Everyone  by Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui for ATHLETA

Whether you’re an advanced athlete or re-entering fitness, enjoying your workout is important. We can all agree that working out has to be fun. Let’s face it, if it’s not fun, it’s not going to happen!bb3

I’ve designed a simple workout for you to add to your current routine, or start fresh with this one. In my workouts, I always try to touch every muscle group, including the core, and also incorporate a little balance training. Everyone is so different and has different workout goals. But remember — we don’t want our bodies to plateau. I’ll often grab a workout that I’ve designed for one my clients and do theirs. Granted, I’ll adjust it to suit my training needs, but it’s fun, it’s different and I love it.

This workout will be about 45 minutes and offers a little something for everyone. I recommend you try it first in the order I’m presenting, especially the warm up and the core work. You can mix and match the strength training portion in any way that suits you. I like to save abs for last since they support us all throughout the workout.

Equipment: Medicine ball (4-8 pounds), resistance tubing with handles, tube circle or Thera-Band®, stability ball, dumbbells (5-15 pounds).

Training Tip: When you change “variables” in your training routine, your body will likely respond more quickly vs. doing the same old thing. A variable may be increasing or decreasing the number of reps, changing the order in which you select the exercise, changing the platform you are training on; such as an inflatable disc, or increasing the amount of weight used for the exercise.

Let’s begin…

Active Warm Up

I prefer and recommend my clients to do active warm up exercises vs. static stretching (stretches where you hold the stretch for a period of time). It can be a quick spin on the stationary bike, walk on the treadmill for 5 minutes, or try the exercise below.



To the rest of this informative article on total body training, go to:

To inquire about training with Suzie Cooney, CPT of Suzie Trains Maui, future SUP clinics, Private SUP/ Fitness Adventure Bookings click here