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Post Race Interviews with Buzzy and Kody Kerbox Rainbow Sandals Molokai to Oahu Channel Crossing on July 26, 2009

Post Race Interviews: Kody and father, Buzzy Kerbox share their race adventures, sunburns and smiles. These athletes are true competitors and humble waterman. New Picture (6)Look out for Kody in the years to come!  Looks like Victor and Zane had a great day too! The pictures are awesome. Nice to have your life long friends and ohana out there. Love the ones of the transitions! Buzzy’s interview to follow photo gallery.Suzie


 Suzie: What was your finishing time and how do you feel about the effort you put forth? Your goal was to hit the 6-hour mark. Are you pleased or do you think you could have done better?

 Kody:    My time was 6:46, I didn’t exactly reach my goal but I am still stoked with it. I gave it my best and beat the people I wanted to.

Suzie: How was it having Zane Schweitzer as your partner? Do you feel you guys were a good match nose to nose?  What do you think was each other’s strengths?

Kody:Zane was a great partner, I think we matched up pretty good and I was stoked with his performance. He is really strong so against the wind he did super good, and i know how to ride the swells so I think we were a good team.

Suzie: How did you feel the morning of the event? Did you have any special concerns in your mind that you didn’t expect? Any crazy thing happen last minute?

Kody: I was really nervous before the event but at the same time I was excited. Nothing to out of the ordinary happened everything went smoothly launching the boat and it all worked out.

Suzie: What did your dad say to you before you took off? Any specific words of encouragement?  What did you and your buddy, Connor Baxter say to each other before the start?

Kody: My Dad just told me to really focus on making it and try my best not to give up. I didn’t see Connor before the start but we caught up to him a little ways in and we were right next to each other. I said it was just like back on Maui training.

Suzie: As a trainer, I’m always curious as to how people fuel their bodies and maintain their endurance for such an event like this.  What was your fuel of choice, and was there anytime that you felt you didn’t have enough, or did your body react in unusual ways? 

Kody:  I brought a couple vitamin waters with me but i mostly drank water. The first thing I tried to eat was a apple, it wasn’t the right choice because it made me get sick. I threw up a couple times, in between turns then fell asleep after a run, and when I woke up I felt much better. I felt bad because Zane had to paddle a little longer but he did it and we finished strong.

Suzie: Hearing about blackouts, and pure body and mental exhaustion, what surprised you the most about you and your personal abilities in such a brutal race?  How do you think your body held up?

Kody: I was super tired at the end of the race but it still worked good after all that I had been through, so I was surprised about that. I think it held up good at the end it was hurting but I still managed to finish.

Suzie: What would you do differently in respect to your training regime, as you set your sights on maybe next year’s race or other long distance races? 

Kody: For next year I think I want to train a lot harder doing other things like bike riding and swimming. Also doing some longer distance and up wind paddles.

 Suzie: How do you feel your Starboard ( performed with the current conditions? Do you think you’ll change it up next year or for training during the off race times? Different board?

 Kody: I think the Starboard worked good, it was fast and it held up. I think it might be cool to train with a shorter board and experiment as much as possible. Maybe use a a board without a rudder.

Suzie: What are you personal goals for the rest of the year as an athlete and a young waterman coming up the ranks?   How do you see yourself contributing to the sport of SUP? Do you have any interest on doing a race like this solo next time?

Kody:  I would like to start competing in SUP wave contests as well as still doing the races, maybe star traveling and competing in other places. I am giving it a good thought about ding it solo next year.

Suzie: We all know you’re a great surfer for sure.  What’s different competing in SUP  compared to surfing?

Kody: Its just a whole new aspect and I really enjoy doing them both. I look forward to competing in the years to come.

 Suzie: Any personal comments?

Kody:  I would just like to thank my sponsors Jen Optics, and
Sticky Bumps and my family, for supporting me.


 Wow, Buzzy congrats to you and Victor!  What a great race! 

 Suzie: You had a great deal on your mind the morning of the race, different partner and your son out there.  What was going through your mind before you hit the water?

Buzzy: The race conditions were looking good. I knew I needed to get a fast start to set the tone for the day. I was feeling strong and rested and just talked to friends adjusted my tunes, eager for the starting flag.

Suzie:What did Kody say to you before you headed out? You must have been beaming with pride, and maybe a little extra jittery for him?

Buzzy: I told Kody to just do your best and when the going gets really tough and you want to quit, don’t.  It’s going to be a long hard day but just try to have fun.

Suzie: Your time of 5/39 16s is impressive! How was your endurance you think compared to your partner’s, Victor?  Do you feel you both were equally matched?

 Buzzy:I did the start and some solid legs in the middle, and then took our board thru the rough currents and sloppy water as we got near the coast of Oahu. Victor was good and steady and pulled his share when he was on the board. 

Suzie:What were your strengths in a race like this? Did you change up your stroke style in any way compared to the last run down Maliko?

Buzzy: I have done the course many times and knew exactly what to expect. I trained much more than Victor. The channel is much harder than a Maliko run because the glides are tougher to get, and the last third the current is making every stroke require more energy.  It’s hard mentally because you are close to Oahu but just can’t seem to make any forward progress. And teams were coming up from behind and I wasn’t about to let them pass us now.

Suzie: What was your fuel of choice and how did your body tolerate the distance, as far as the timing of your fluids/ energy needs? 

Buzzy: I drank lots of water and Gatorade, cause that’s all there was on my boat. I did a couple of hammer gels. And right before my toughest leg I opened my RockStar and drank most of it. I really like good old caffeine and it worked fine. I still felt solid as I crossed the finish line.

Suzie:As I asked Kody, What would you do differently in respect to your training regime, as you set your sights on maybe next year’s race or other long distance races? 

Buzzy:  I enjoyed the race and if I had the time and money I would train longer and solo it.  I just wish the course ended out at the point so you didn’t have to paddle the last mile into a 20-knot head wind, it is just pure torture after coming all that way across the channel.

Suzie:So Buzzy, what’s next on your list of race events in SUP and in life?  What do you hope for Kody?

Buzzy: Don’t want to think about more races at the moment.   I was soo proud of Kody and excited he even wanted to do it. For him to come back from being sick and get back on the board and finish was amazing.  He is already talking about doing it next year.   I see a big and bright future for SUP racing and wave riding for Kody.

Guys, that was great! Those photos make you feel like we’re right there.  I encourage everyone to check out Buzzy’s photos at

To check out the Pre Race interview, check  blog earlier post July 23, 2009.

Click here to check out overal Race Results of the Rainbow Sandals Molokai to Oahu Channel Crossing, July 26, 2009.

Suzie Cooney

2 comments to Post Race Interviews with Buzzy and Kody Kerbox Rainbow Sandals Molokai to Oahu Channel Crossing on July 26, 2009

  • Angela Emory

    Congratulations Buzzy! Sierra and I are so stoked for you and very proud of Kody.

  • Chris and Katie,Thank you so much for all the great times over the last few days. The b-day surprise, dnienr, and an incredible wedding. I hope you enjoy your time off over the next week. Turn the phone off stop blogging, and start sun tanning don’t forget to rotate every 30 min! Have fun.I look forward to getting you back out to maui to 2nd shoot for me do you mind? We have some great weddings lined up for next year, KIT.A hui hou,MIke

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