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Suzie Cooney Gets On Board with Imagine Surf

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 28, 2015 Imagine Surf is proud to announce that we have partnered with iconic waterwoman and female SUP pioneer Suzie Cooney. Suzie will be joining the Imagine family as a brand ambassador and will be using Imagine Surf boards and equipment to continue to promote the sport of SUP and the lifestyle that Suzie lives. “To me Suzie Cooney, epitomizes everything that Imagine stands for. Authenticity, ethics and a youthful sense of adventure. ” Says Dave Kalama, Imagine Surf’s head designer and SUP pioneer “I admire her enthusiasm to share and teach all things stand up paddling, including the physical training aspect. Suzie will be a great addition to the Imagine family”. “Bringing Suzie into the fold of the company further demonstrates Imagine Surfs commitment to sharing this incredible sport and lifestyle we call Stand Up Paddling” says Adam Cumming, Brand Manager for Imagine Surf. “Imag- ine Surf’s tagline, We Make Paddleboarders, is a statement that embodies who we are as a brand and why we build boards. Suzie Cooney echo’s this statement and is reflected in what she does in the stand up paddling com- munity. Sharing, Teaching, Coaching, Educating and Inspiring people in and out of the water”. “I am so happy to be welcomed by Dave Kalama and the Imagine Surf family. It’s very exciting to ride Dave’s designs and feel how each model responds. All I can say is, “wow”. From waves to downwinding to the simple pleasures of cruising with friends and for coaching others; I’m very stoked and proud to partner with Imagine Surf. They offer such an expansive and... read more

Bay Area Book Signing with Suzie Cooney at Bluerush Board Sports

“I have met some of the nicest paddlers from the Bay Area here on Maui. I’ve had the pleasure of training a few on and off the water. It’s so cool to see so many paddlers from the Bay here on Maui at various race events. Wow, what a strong crew who share so much enthusiasm and genuine stoke.”

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The Day I Gave Our Maliko Run the Bird

The Day I Gave Our Maliko Run the Bird Today was a day where when I write this, as much as I am thankful for one of the best downwind runs in the world; I hope you see the humor in my post. We’ve had unusual no wind summer days when normally the cool trades blanket and grace the north shore; leaving us no choice but to paddle without the thrills of long glides and a cool breeze at our back. Yes, boo hoo for us we are in Maui. (I am taking a serious break just today; from finishing the final edits of my book to spend the time to write this as I think in some profound sense it will help me as a form of Maliko therapy. This is way more fun and much needed. SC) With the crossings coming up we have to suck it up and suck some wind and train with what we have. Kihei, as Dave Kalama says; it’s a “cheater downwinder” and I agree because it’s pretty easy.  Earlier today I would have rather been there. What’s been so funny as of late, is when the crew is on Kelly’s shuttle; look out the windows of the van and freak out when they don’t see white caps that normally feather near Hookipa. I mean you should hear the grumbles and jokes of who will be the slowest. All in good cheer and snide remarks to each other we put in and grind. So today like many other no wind days lately with the usual jovial crew in the van, we round... read more

The Many Great Health Benefits of Stand Up Paddling

The Many Great Health Benefits of Stand Up Paddling The many great health benefits of stand up paddling offers a list a mile long. It’s no wonder everybody’s doing it but more importantly, because everyone and anyone can. If you’re looking for a great way to tone your body, connect with yourself on the water or with your friends, do something entirely new for your workout routine, well then this article was written for you. Aloha, I’m Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui and yes, I’m very fortunate to live the island life and my dream on Maui for 16 years. And the sport I’m talking about is standing up paddling also known as SUP. As a globally known athlete and trainer in the world of stand up paddling, and as one of the female pioneers in the sport; I’d like to share with you all of the amazing health benefits I’ve seen my clients and thousands of people around the world enjoy. For one, you don’t have to be a surfer or be a water athlete. You don’t have to be in great shape and it’s one of the easiest, most fun things you can do in your life.   I’ve taught hundreds of people all ages, all sizes and everyone in between and now I train the pros. And now you can try it too. I’ve also seen people start new, wonderful relationships on the water. You can’t help to flash a big smile when you’re paddling so you never know who you might meet. On a more serious note, I’ve written a couple articles in the past... read more

OluKai Demo Day Training Session Video with Suzie Cooney

OluKai Demo Day Training Session Video with Suzie Cooney The OluKai Demo Day Training Session Video with Suzie Cooney is below for you to enjoy! What a really fun addition to add to our venue for our first OluKai Demo Day that was held this past Friday May 1st, 2015 at Kanaha Beach Park.  I was really stoked to have Dave Kalama and Connor Baxter on stage to help me demonstrate a few exercises to help show how one can be a stronger paddler. The focus on this part of the Demo Day was to help people learn about how to be an all dimensional paddler and train and think about training specifically for SUP and OC1, and to learn how to improve one’s paddling posture and lastly how to increase one’s mental toughness as a competitor on the water and in life. This lecture and training video discusses the following three topics: 1. What it means to be an all dimensional paddler and how to train in a new way. I provided several exercises from beginning to advanced. ( See Dave Kalama and Connor Baxter perform a few too ) 2. What are the common injuries we see in stand up paddling and OC1 racing and how to manage them. Here I offer a few tips on how to manage some of the nagging injuries that challenge many paddlers at all levels. 3. How can you become a more mentally tough paddler on and off the water? What does it mean to mentally tough? In this final segment I share what the pros do to get through  very difficult... read more

OluKai Demo Day Pro Panel Video 2015

OluKai Demo Day Pro Panel Video 2015 The OluKai Demo Day Pro Panel was held this past Friday May 1st, 2015 and was a great kick-off to an amazing downwind SUP & OC1 racing weekend. VIDEO & GALLERY below: Archie Kalepa joined me and our panel of amazing athletes that included champions such as Dave Kalama, Kody Kerbox, Andrea Moller, Danny Ching, Connor Baxter, Josh Riccio, Will Rechenstein, Jeremy Riggs and Scott Trudon. The audience enjoyed learning about their personal expertise in racing strategies, how they train and prepare and what they might eat for a race like this. We also hear their take on the new SUP course outline and how they would approach the finish. Andrea Moller is not only an OluKai Champion 7 times but also serves our community as a first responder. Mahalo Andrea for doing all you do for us. You can also see her charging JAWS and Mavericks. Scott Trudon Scott Trudon Will Rechenstein Archie Kalepa & Andrea Moeller Dave Kalama Connor Baxter Josh Riccio Dave Kalama & Jeremy Riggs Dave Kalama & Jeremy Riggs Kody Kerbox Suzie Cooney First place winners Connor Baxter and Andrea Moller for winning  the SUP Maliko Downwind Run DAY 1 SUP RACE RESULTS First place winners Austin Grant and Andrea Moller for winning  the OC1 Elite  Maliko Downwind Run DAY 2 OC1 & OC2 RACE RESULTS Mahalo for stopping by and we hope you enjoyed our OluKai Demo Day Pro Talk. Please feel free to share this link with your friends or on social media. Suzie Cooney Owner of Suzie Trains... read more

The OluKai 7th Annual Ho’olaule’a Fun Paddle Shines On

The OluKai 7th Annual Ho’olaule’a Fun Paddle Shines On The OluKai 7th Annual Ho’olaule’a Fun Paddle continues to shine on as the event within the event and unites people from around the world, creating it’s own tribe of happy, victorious paddlers. This year we had an impressive attendance of 90 people from as far as South Carolina, Texas and Washington state,  with the two youngest just 6 years old and one amazing kayaker who did not let their physical challenge of being paraplegic discourage their gallant paddling success.  (GALLERY OF PHOTOS BELOW) This is my 4th year preparing paddlers and getting them fired up for an amazing 3 mile downwind ocean adventure that ends at Kanaha Beach Park, is fast becoming THE stepping stone for those seeking to do the 8 mile Maliko race full on. I have to say every year is special but this bunch was an extraordinary group of bright-eyed and excited crew, with some showing a bit of trepidation and most just happy to be on the team wearing a bright OluKai yellow jersey and ready for anything. The weather could not have been more perfect, with the Maui skies a bright blue and the sun shining warm with an occasional rain mist that would cool down our eager paddlers, adding to that tropical feel of Hawaii. People arrived and placed their boards in the courtyard while others scurried down to the water’s edge to check the latest conditions. Music was playing to soothe the nerves and really added to the thrill of our day. The Olukai staff was over the top friendly and eager... read more

Meet and Learn From the Pros OluKai Demo Day

Meet and Learn From the Pros OluKai Demo Day   The 7th Annual OluKai Ho’olaule’a 2015 is expanding the venue, creating its first Demo Day to be held, May 1st, one day before the main racing event and celebration. This is sure to be an event within the event; allowing the Maui community and event participants to gather and gain access to the pros, learn some training tips, and test some of the new gear on hand provided by some the best companies in the industry. Demo Day Highlights: Kanaha Beach, 9:00am-12:00pm, 05/01 – FREE! Pro Panel: Archie Kalepa and Suzie Cooney interview a wide array of paddling talent, sure to be of help and interest to all levels of paddlers. This is your opportunity to learn from the OluKai champions on how they train, how they prepare and find out some of their racing secrets and strategies. Athletes on Pro Panel: Connor Baxter,Josh Riccio, Jeremy Riggs, Scott Trudon, Danny Ching, Kody Kerbox, Dave Kalama, Andrea Moeller, Lauren Spalding and Will Reichenstein Training Tips: Learn how to be an all-dimensional SUP and OC1 paddler. Discover news ways to train smart to reduce and avoid injury. Find out what it takes to be a mentally tough athlete and paddler. Presented by Suzie Cooney, SUP athlete and owner/ trainer of Suzie Trains Maui Gear Demo: Check out the gear and take a test ride. Visit and demo some gear provided by: Naish, Star Board, SIC, Jimmy Lewis, Tri Paddle and C4. Follow now #olukairace to keep up with the action of training for the race in the eyes of the athletes. Demo Day... read more

OluKai Archie Kalepa and Suzie Cooney Host a Free 3 Mile Fun Paddle

OluKai Archie Kalepa and Suzie Cooney Host a Free 3 Mile Fun Paddle Maui, Hawaii In Preparation for the 7th Annual OluKai Ho’olaule’a  Join Us Sunday, April 26th 9:00am 3 miles from Paia to Kanaha All ages, all levels of paddlers and anything you can humanly paddle are welcome!  It’s that time of year again to get your stand up paddle board, OC1/2, canoe, kayak or anything you can humanly paddle; and if you’ve ever dreamed of doing your first downwind paddle with a hundred other first timers – come out and join us! Train and prepare at our fun paddle on Sunday, April 26th. Begin Paddle: 28 Hana Hwy at Paia Youth AND Cultural Center End Paddle: Kanaha Beach Park Lifeguard Tower Arrive Time: 8:00am for course review and safety overview with Archie Kalepa. Paddle Start Time: 9:00am group start  We suggest paddlers carpool and pre-arrange transportation after the paddle so you can retrieve your car from the Paia Youth and Cultural Center. You will need to provide your own equipment to paddle. 7th Annual OluKai Ho’olaule’a, May 1-3, Maliko Downwind Race Register now before April 18 to receive the premium race package including a complimentary pair of OluKai slippers. For more race information, visit Follow the action at #olukairace If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through this website. Suzie Cooney Suzie Trains Maui... read more

Free BMR Calculators Basil Metabolic Rate from Suzie Trains Maui

Free BMR Calculators Basil Metabolic Rate from Suzie Trains Maui Here are your Free BMR calculators  or basil metabolic rates provided to you by Suzie Trains Maui : Below are two helpful calculators that will help you determine your energy needs. While no one formula or equation fits all please take the following factors into consideration when determining your caloric needs: Current level of fitness Age and gender Health conditions, medications Total weight and lean mass versus fat percentage True activity levels, including daily life scenarios such as type of career and actual training time Diet and nutrient consumption Hormone factors Know Your Body’s Nutrient Fuel Consumption Needs as a SUP Athlete   It’s obvious this food thing is very important and I really appreciate that you’ve stuck with me this far. Determining the right amount of fuel takes planning, preparing and figuring out what foods work the best as energy to fuel you. There are many variables such as age, gender, and genetics current level of fitness that will have a significant impact on your performance and your fuel needs. Fuel is also referred to as food, calories, nutrients, liquids, and, lastly as energy. How your body draws from your fuel stores is a science within itself. How much fuel or energy (calories) will it take to fill your tank? When you think of fuel for energy think food. To measure your energy needs think of a calorie. A calorie is a measure or unit of energy used to translate energy consumption through food and drinking to energy usage through physical activity. Discovering how much fuel you need or calories... read more

Free Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate Calculators from Suzie Trains Maui

Free Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate Calculators from Suzie Trains Maui Here are your Free protein, fat and carbohydrate calculators provided to you by Suzie Trains Maui : Below are three helpful calculators that will help you determine your protein and carbohydrate needs. While no one formula or equation fits all please take the following factors into consideration when determining your caloric needs: Current level of fitness Age and gender Health conditions, medications Total weight and lean mass versus fat percentage True activity levels, including daily life scenarios such as type of career and actual training time Know Your Body’s Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate Needs as a SUP Athlete There are many theories and debates as to how much protein, fat and carbohydrates an endurance athlete needs daily to perform at their best. There’s loads of varying data that can make you dizzy unless you are a scientist or have a degree in sports nutrition. It is agreed that men need about 10 more grams of protein than woman, per day, regardless of activity level. On average the general protein needs of a male are about 56g per day and a woman 46g per day. PROTEIN INTAKE CALCULATOR: During heavy training paddling sessions or endurance SUP races, like channel crossings, you must increase your caloric intake especially from complex carb foods to maintain your glycogen stores to meet your energy needs. If you fail to do so while you’re training a few things can happen: Chronic muscle tiredness or fatigue could set in You could get a feeling of flatness or staleness Unwanted weight loss could occur Your sleep pattern could be Interrupted... read more

A Cool Total Body Windsurf Training Video

A Cool Total Body Windsurf Training Video This total body windsurf training video offers everything from strength, balance, core and endurance; all in one simple exercise. This exercise is for all levels of windsurfers. All you need is the Indo Board Gigante Flo Cushion and Indo Board. I always select the most challenging board and in this video I have Tim on the Pro Kicktail. Also you will need the TRX Rip Trainer with the heavy chord affixed to a sturdy object at chest level. Cushion is inflated at about 30% for faster action. The board is placed horizontally and there is just enough tension in the TRX chord to mimic a fully powered sail. I have Tim do 4 one minute reaches with the TRX Rip Trainer or “sheet ins” on one side with three positions, 5 reps each. Each position is first standard reach, then high angle for like a duck jibe, and then lower as if he is closing the sail no the deck for maximum power. As he sheets in he constantly has to stabilize as if on choppy water. It’s like pressing the rails if you like.  This requires all the tiny finer muscles of the ankle, knee and hip joint in conduction with the core; to adjust accordingly to that action above. Be careful not to over grip the TRX Rip Trainer to reduce forearm pump. Keep your yes forward and go! Hope you find this training tip helpful for more days of fast sailing. Thanks Tim for sharing your strength. Should you wish to train with me, you don’t have to be... read more

Virtual SKYPE Fitness Training with Suzie Cooney

Virtual SKYPE Fitness Training with Suzie Cooney Virtual SKYPE Fitness Training with Suzie Cooney is a blast and effective. Virtual fitness training and personal training is now mainstream and you too can train with Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui. No sand, salt water in your home but you can be sure I’ll bring you lots of sweat and Aloha. You don’t have to live on Maui to train with me. With the power of SKYPE and high speed internet, you can keep in shape with me across the ocean no matter where you live. “I was so fortunate to paddle Maliko 3 days in a row and glad you pushed me on the last day as that was the best. You gave me a lot of good pointers and I listened carefully and continue working on them diligently. I will keep improving and come back stronger next time.” Meet Peter Davies, my client from Maryland who travels to Maui as often as possible to downwind stand up paddle on Maliko and then trains in the studio with me. When he’s not here, we keep his strength and skills sharp until the next time. He paddles in extremely cold weather in the winter and can’t wait to get back to warmer water. It’s really fun and it works. With a small list of home training equipment I’ve provided him in advance, we’re able to work on everything he needs in one hour.  We train once a month and sometimes more. As a trainer it really helps me stay in touch with my clients all throughout the year and learn... read more

A Simple Tip on How to Be a Stronger Surfer

A Simple Tip on How to Be a Stronger Surfer Aloha surfers.  Here is challenging but simple tip on how to be a stronger surfer. If you were in my studio or on the beach with me right now I’d say “drop and give 20 pop ups!” Could you do it or would you puke? I hope not. I’ve shared lots of articles and tips on how to be a stronger surfer but this one is one of my favorites. It’s definitely challenging but offers all the elements of surfing: balance, core and strength. All of these traits are necessary to be a strong and powerful surfer. If you’re chest, triceps and upper neck and back are not strong and working as a team together you won’t catch as many waves. As you push up on the board to your surf stance, your chest helps you create that push and power. Here, my client Alysha offered to demonstrate full pushups on two medicine balls. She loves to surf and wants to improve her overall strength. What makes this interesting is that she must keep the balls from moving out from beneath her. The medicine balls do give just a little to help slow them down. You’ll notice how nice and neutral her head and neck are and also how her hips do not sag.  Lastly what also helps, is for her to have her legs behind her much wider than a standard pushup. This is also a stabilizing factor that allows for smooth execution.  Exercise: Triangle Pushups on Two Medicine Balls Place the two medicine balls in position, the... read more

Kaenon Shilo Suits Suzie Just Fine with Fashion and Function

Kaenon Shilo Suits Suzie Just Fine with Fashion and Function I’m really proud to be sponsored and supported by Kaenon Polarized Eyewear. For over five years they’ve provided me fantastic support for training, SUP racing, motocross, events on Maui and abroad and continue to keep my eyes protected and in style. The Shilo offers me great protection with it’s stylish, light-weight frames, designed in California, Italian made frame; while providing the best technology with Kaenon’s proprietary SR-91® lens that is super clear, impact resistant. What could be better? Kaenon agrees and says, “Shilo and Suzie, the perfect pair. Smart, beautiful, athletic and performance driven. Check out Shilo and learn more about Kaenon athlete, Suzie Cooney This is a limited edition and comes in black, tortoise and frost. Post by Kaenon. They have a wide variety of great styles for everyone and for every sport and also offer polarized prescription sunglasses. Also in my collection are the Georgias and Softcore. Here are a few photos over the years  from the beach, the dirt and all the way to the fish line: Mahalo and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Suzie... read more

Making the Most of Your Stand Up Paddle Training Session

Making the Most of Your Stand Up Paddle Training Session The new SUP race season and competitions are starting worldwide, and making the most out of each stand up paddle training session is key. Save time and energy so you can be as efficient as possible when it really matters. In this article I’ll lend you a few tips and offer advice on how I train and how I approach my training with my SUP clients to help you devise a plan to help keep you on track and on the podium. Whether you’re on tour this year and you want to crush it, or you’re entering your first stand up paddle race and not sure how to train, or just want to increase your stand up paddling performance; having a plan for each training session is a great way to help you push harder, grow your heart and mental capacity and can teach you a few things about yourself and how you can always improve. I have a saying: “If you’re going to paddle like you mean it, you better mean it and paddle.” Your paddle training session is a time to maybe refine your stroke technique or try out a new paddle length or blade width, or even more exciting maybe baptize a new board! It’s also the best opportunity to get your mental game in check. Shake out all your self-doubt and don’t compare yourself to others, just be you and do your best each time.  You may be very well prepared with your hydration pack with all the right fluids, but when you show up... read more

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