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The 3 C’s for Conquering Downwind Stand Up Paddleboarding

Don’t gasp, whine or complain, it’s the plain truth. If you think you can simply come out and tootle along and surf, you can stay home.

Paddling Maliko, and really any downwind run for that matter is a TOTAL body event but with the surfing element. It’s the IRONMAN of any and all paddling because it’s on, surf, on. Catching and connecting as many bumps and glides and possible is the name of the game, so you gotta have your heart game ON.

Keep in mind though that the other side of the coin is conserving energy and that comes with practice. Many flat water specialists that come to Maui and give Maliko a go

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SUP Surfing Training Video Advanced Core Exercise Featuring Professional Maui SUP Athlete Lara Claydon

The exercise in this video will help you whether you are new to SUP or an accomplished professional. Here is a tested and proven weapon of an exercise designed to help you:

Unleash more power and control for any size wave, downwind bump
Develop more internal power to pass a competitor
Reduce upper body overuse injuries by incorporating this new power source

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SUP Surf and Downwind Performance Training Video for Board Upgrades

You’ve just upgraded to a smaller higher performance SUP surf board or you’ve pulled the trigger to shave off a few inches in width of your downwind board, are you ready? Perhaps the board has l less volume, is way more demanding and nervous but screams speed, bang’n off the lips, snappier turns and more glides?

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Creating New Ocean Ambassadors on Maui with Suzie Cooney and The Westin Maui Resort and Spa

“If you want to be as strong as the ocean demands.. it starts in the mind and on land first.” ..”.We talked about the importance of being an ocean and reef, and Maui ambassador and the important responsibility that goes with it, along with the many different ways one can lead by example. As a rule I always spend 15 minutes before or after I play or work on the ocean, picking up trash and plastic. I stressed it is simply a way of life now that we must all do our part.”

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Inspirational Video Spinning With Change And The Lesson I Learned to Shift My Mind to Feel Free and Let Go

I write today to inspire, reveal and share that while the waves keep rolling in and rolling out, so do people, dreams and things that were once thought as permanent. The hardest and most important lesson I’ve learned this year is to embrace, acknowledge and recognize that everything arrives and goes. While I strive to understand that letting go of attachment is ideal, I’m also learning that when I can accept this more easily and put it to practice, change will also become easier. This does help my mind to shift and get unstuck and to let go of things, circumstances, people, the past and future events all of which I cannot control.

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Feature by Adventure Sports Network: Suffering from Ciguatera Poisoning Doesn’t Stop Suzie Cooney from Putting Fitness First

I hope that this article will inspire you to keep going even if you are faced with or dealing with daily chronic pain or are enduring a challenging health condition. You are not alone. Ciguatera is more and more common now as our oceans become more toxic. Educate yourself and tell all of your friends, family and physicians. The #mindwinsfirst and our health is our wealth. Aloha, Suzie Cooney

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Double Maximum Burn Equals Double the Distance and Downwind Glides SUP and Foiling Leg Workout with Suzie Cooney

Double Maximum Burn Equals Double the Distance and Downwind Glides SUP and Foiling Leg Workout with Suzie Cooney It’s 5:45am on Maui and I’m at the beach dreaming up creative ways to bring you a new, challenging SUP and foiling leg workout to maximize your results so...

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Check out my new website Maliko Run for Everything Downwind. Get your Maliko Run Gear!

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