Advanced Paddle Surf and Downwind SUP Quick Training
Tip Video with Suzie Cooney

Advanced Paddle Surf and Downwind SUP Quick Training Tip Video with Suzie Cooney

This is a quick,  high performance and high quality training tip for those advanced paddle surfers and downwind SUP enthusiasts. My training tip will help improve the following: 
  • Increase leg strength for deep, big bottom turns when setting the rail is critical for more speed and clean execution
  • Improve your brain’s reaction time for footwork and transitions for fast carving, and snapping turns and tricks
  • Help you un-glue your feet from a standard stance and help you get all the back on your fin when downwinding to maximize your glide distance 
  • Go MUCH bigger with more confidence 
  • Recruit the finer muscles of the ankle, knee to hip to deliver total leg power

 Now, you’ll notice in the video I’m wearing my 10lb weight belt to add force strength production with every “soft” lateral landing. *** Note if you have ANY knee issues do not add the belt and try without the belt first on the ground, then maybe the BOSU.  Recommended Sets/Variables: 2-3 sets 25-50 or timed at 1-2 minutes.  
This particular exercise falls in the balance, strength and reaction training category and is a great way to keep you sharp and on your SUP game. If you can work this into your training routine 2-3x per week, you’ll see and feel and huge difference in your SUP performance.  Like anything new, common sense and start simple and then progress.  You can also enjoy an earlier version of this concept in my video here: How to Be An All Dimensional Paddler
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If you love to downwind paddle, I’m also available to guide you down the Maliko Run. This is for advanced paddlers only. Please contact me for more information through this website.  
Good luck to you all training hard for this new season! It’s gonna be awesome!
Aloha and Mahalo,
Suzie Cooney
Speaking of Maliko, please visit my new website:


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